The term of this agreement is effective between the dates May 22, 2020 and November 5th, 2020.

The specific terms of agreement are as follows:

The customer will participate in a weekly subscription for “The Co-op Share”, a supply of 8-11 different varieties of local produce from an assortment of Upstate New York Farms throughout the growing season.

The customer agrees to pay for all subscriptions in advance. Cash, Credit/Debit, and Checks are acceptable payments for any and all subscription plans. As per federal requirements, if the customer pays with EBT/SNAP benefits, they can only subscribe at a maximum of (14) days in advance. Subscriptions cannot be made with WIC payments and SCM does not accept WIC checks. Subscriptions are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. In the event of any dissatisfaction, concerns, or requests regarding “The Co-op Share”, the staff of SCM and the Produce Department, specifically, will do their best to accommodate the customer and assure present and future satisfaction.

The customer has a right to stall the fulfillment of their subscription for a period, with no penalties, provided the customer gives notice to the SCM. The customer must notify SCM by the Sunday prior to the Friday the customer intends to stall their share. At the time that the customer chooses to reinstate their subscription, the customer will continue to receive their due subscriptions, according to the plan the customer subscribed to. SCM requests that the customer considers anticipated stalls to their accounts prior to subscribing. No postponements to any subscription will be honored without a written request delivered via e-mail to . No customer’s subscription will continue after November 5th, 2020. SCM will only offer an equivalent pro-rated price on the annual Thanksgiving share to any subscription accounts after Nov. 5th  2020. The Customer will not receive credit or refund for unfulfilled subscriptions of the “The Co-op Share” after Nov. 5th, 2020, or for any other time during the season.

SCM expects the customer to pick up “The Coop Share” each Friday of the duration of their subscription. All subscriptions will be arranged and set outside of SCM by 3pm each Friday. Upon pick up, the customer agrees to sign in at the front registers of SCM, indicating that “The Coop Share” owed to the customer has been claimed. SCM will contact any persons who have not claimed their owed subscription by the following day, 12pm, Saturday.

SCM is responsible for the security of unclaimed subscriptions until 9pm on the Saturday following the Friday in question and will attempt to make contact with the customer as necessary, to make arrangements for the customer to claim their subscription.

If the customer does not pick up their subscription by 9pm, Saturday of that week, the customer relinquishes their claim to that week’s offerings. The customer will not receive credit or refund for their unclaimed subscription for that week. The customer acknowledges that SCM is not responsible for any subscription that is not claimed after Saturdays during the program for “The Coop Share”.

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